Impactful changes in several clicks

A platform for making significant social changes and creating social good through bringing impactful projects and ideas to life.


LetUs is a unified marketplace for impactful projects creators and contributors.


Crowdfunding tool


Crowdsourcing tool


Project execution tool


Professional network

in order to create

Social Good / Impact

For Project Creators

In our view, best experience for initiators is a feeling that project execution is not so difficult and absolutely real. And that feeling can be created by providing them with:


Adjusted profiles with special toolkits of creating, promoting and executing projects for different types of users.

Supportive environment

Network of individuals and entities needed to execute projects and ideas.

For Project Contributors

Best experience for contributors from our point of view is understanding that contribution in social good can be simple and exciting along with having a choice of:

What to change?

Focus areas diversity. Social impact in different areas: development and research, science, civic, infrastructure, health, environmental projects.

Where to change?

Locations diversity – from local projects to global initiatives

How to change?

Engagement options. Choice of what to share: time, funds, expertise or other resources.

Why to change?

Unique experience of contribution. Strong feeling of personal involvement and importance in affecting social changes.

Motivational system. An ability to become a hero of different locations (from hometown to the whole world) and categories.

We are an early stage startup of 2 co-founders and as for now looking for:


  • CTO/Co-founder
  • Seed funding

Contact us

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