Frequently Asked Questions

What is the main problem you are going to resolve?

The problem is that there are a bunch of different networks and platforms in 2016, but there is no simple platform for changing the life around us. So we want to create a brand new opportunity for it.

What differentiates you from other crowdfunding and social fundraising systems?

  1. We are here for changes. We are not like other special causes fundraisings and crowdfundings such as social, charity, personal, technological, production etc. We are crowdchanging, so it can contain all of the mentioned types of projects and causes, as long as it brings some impact, use for society or changes - it perfectly aligns with our main criteria and goal of our platform.
  2. We are not only fundraising. The projects and what they need as a support could be anything, not only funds. It can be volunteering time, any other resources - the aim is to get things done no matter what it takes.
  3. We make accent on local changes. Firstly we want to create and expand local communities of changers, within cities and countries all over the world, inspiring the local leaders by empowering them with a ready-to-use tool, culture and movement.
  4. We are network. We want to gather and connect here all the players involved in making changes: ordinary people, activists, organizations, non-profits, authorities, businesses. And make it easy for them to cooperate.
  5. We are the game. To encourage people we want to make it a game. The more you active on a platform - the bigger your chances to become a hero of your city or the whole world.

For whom it might be interesting and why?

  1. Social organizations and activists. All the daily activity now can be perfectly organized and connected with the platform and its features.
  2. Local and state authorities. A simple way to cooperate with citizens, increase social activity and be more transparent.
  3. Businesses. For those that tend to become more socially active and make a positive social image.
  4. Everybody. Because of the clear ability to be involved in changes, to influence, to make a history – right here, right now.

Will there be global problems solving projects on your platform?

Sure. That's our idea. We are not only about cities and countries level. If you are interested in changes on a global basis and want to participate in this kind of projects - you will surely have such a possibility.

Will there be petitions on your platform?

No. We will have neither petitions nor politics involved in our platform. But if some project will need votes to be implemented - we will provide such a tool.

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