by participating or just supporting a whole range of exciting projects with a definite impact on our today and tomorrow, clearly presenting the use and benefits for the society. 




Be involved in changes

Together, we people can do unbelievable. All we need is to unite and be connected. You don’t need a political or “big money” power anymore to make something outstanding, the power of Internet now gives you the real power to make a difference. 



Connect and cooperate with like-minded people and organizations

We want to connect like-minded people that care about our future, organizations, authorities and make it easy for them to get in touch and cooperate.

Represent a new kind of  hero

You are involved in a life around you, impact, make a difference, become a reason for development and growth. Support a lot of projects. Or maybe volunteer a lot. People feel grateful for you. 

So if you don’t mind, we want you to become a new hero and a true living legend of your city, country, the whole country, any other location, or even the whole world.



Influence even if you don’t have time!

You can let your money start working for good, just donating some optional amount per period with flexible settings and we will direct it to projects that really need your help, surely letting you know who have you just supported.


For whom it might be interesting

Social organizations and activists

All the daily activity now can be perfectly organized and connected with the platform and its features.

Local and state authorities

a simple way to cooperate with citizens, increase social activity and be more transparent.


for those that tend to become more socially active and make a positive social image.


Because of the clear ability to be involved in changes, to influence, to make a history – right here, right now.

Until now people used to think:

I’m too small to change the world

I don’t have time for it

I don’t know what to start with

This question is too complicated


Our primary aim is to increase the person’s ability to influence with our platform. And to make this ability as easy and clear as possible.